Botox® has withstood the test of time as one of the most popular treatments available to effectively address the most recognizable signs of facial aging. It can be used at any age to minimize a wide variety of fine lines and wrinkles, and is proven to be equally effective as a beauty treatment to balance and contour facial features.

10 Botox Surprising Cosmetic Uses

Botox® was first use to treat strabismus, commonly known as crossed eyes, in the 1980s, . As with many medical discoveries, the pioneering physician who used it for the eye condition accidentally discovered its ability to reduce wrinkles.

The widespread use of Botox® for cosmetic purposes began in the late 1980’s and quickly became the treatment of choice for millions of men and women who wanted to stay ahead of the aging process and feel good about themselves when they looked in the mirror.

Although Botox® Cosmetic was approved in 2002 for reducing the appearance of frown lines, off-label use had already grown in popularity in the 1990s.

Botox® has more than 800 potential cosmetic and medical applications and cosmetic doctors are continuing to discover new off-label ways to use Botox® to improve and rejuvenate your appearance.

Below are 11 uses for Botox® Cosmetic, including a few less common off-label uses:

1. Under the Eyes

Don’t you just love it when a friend tells you that you look tired, right after you just had the best night sleep ever? Botox® treatments are effective for smoothing fine lines and wrinkles under the eyes (and crow’s feet) that give us a tired look. This technique is often combined with dermal filler.

Botox Under the Eyes

2. Forehead Lines

If you squint from being in the sun, furrow your brow in thought, frown in concentration, or experience significant levels of stress, it will eventually create lines in your forehead. Botox® provides excellent results for relaxing and smoothing a furrowed brow while also preventing them from becoming more pronounced.

Botox for forehead lines

3. Brow Lift

Whether you are looking for that little lift to accentuate your look or feel that time has relocated your brow to a less pleasing location, Botox® can help fight the effects of gravity and lift a droopy eyebrow for a more wide-eyed and youthful look.

Botox for brow lift

4. Nose Lines and Folds

From “bunny” lines between the eyes to the deeper folds that can form from the nose and extend toward the mouth (nasolabial folds), Botox® can help. In some instances, the lines can be so severe that they curve around the corners of the mouth to form “parenthesis” that can make the corners of your mouth droop.

Almost everyone develops these lines to some extent as they age, but some people develop noticeable folds even in their youth. You don’t have to live with them and they can be successfully minimized with Botox®.

5. Gummy Smiles

Botox® is also suited to treat a “gummy smile”. We’ve all seen those big beautiful smiles in which the top lip elevates so much exposing too much of the top gums. Botox can be used to relax the muscle above the top lip causing the lip to hide the gums when you smile.

6. Slimming of the Face

Dentists and orthodontist who specialize in TMJ often use Botox to relax the muscles used while clenching your teeth or when tightening the jaw when stressed. The side effect of that is slimming of the face (in some cases).

Slimming the Jawline

7. Chin Dimples

It is normal to get dimpling on your chin when pursing your lips or pouting. Dimpling of the chin is often referred to as “orange peel” or “golf ball” skin and is the result of repeated use of chin muscles. Over time the dimples can remain, but few know that they can be minimized or dramatically reduced with Botox®. This practice is not popular due to the risks involved.

Botox for chin dimples

8. Firming the Jowls

Depending upon your age, you may be seeing the effects of gravity in the jowl area. Although there are other effective, non-surgical technologies such as radio frequency (see ThermiSmooth) and Laser, some doctors still use Botox® can help tighten or balance the jaw line.

Botox to the Jowels

9. Good-Bye Neck Lines

Whether you call it a wattle, turkey neck, or neck lines, sagging and wrinkling skin on the neck area is nothing to joke about. It can make you look and feel old or unattractive. Botox® is effective for relaxing the muscles that cause neck lines for a more graceful looking silhouette.

10. Kiss Lip Lines Good-Bye

Often referred to as “smoker’s lines,” they’re those vertical lines above your lips. They’re the result of the loss of collagen that leads to thinning skin, combined with repeated motions associated with pursing the lips common in smokers and even those who frequently drink from straws. Botox® is an excellent treatment for reducing the appearance of those lines. Dermal fillers can add a more dramatic effect.

11. Balancing Facial Features

Most of us are not born with symmetrical features on our face. However, certain facial paralysis conditions exacerbate this asymmetrical appearance. Botox® is proven effective for balancing facial features for a more aesthetically pleasing visage. It’s beneficial as an aid in supporting facial structure at any age.

A Consultation is Key

Speaking with an experience cosmetic doctor, like Dr. Earl at EARLMD, about your questions and concerns is the first step toward a more youthful appearance with Botox®.

Your cosmetic doctor will provide an assessment of current and future problems areas, assess if Botox® is the right option for you, and explain the results that you can expect.

Keep in mind that dermal fillers may prove more effective for you in some cases and are often used in conjunction with Botox® to achieve the best results.

Botox® minimizes the signs of facial aging for a more attractive and youthful countenance. Results are natural looking and last for several months. The results are obvious, yet subtle, so no one will know the secret of your youthful, radiant complexion.

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