It’s impossible to deny the stigma associated with surgical facelifts.

Gossip magazines and entertainment TV shows can’t wait to feature stories about celebrity cosmetic surgeries gone wrong! Plastic surgery has been a subject of ridicule across major media outlets for years.

No wonder more women are opting for non-surgical facelifts alternatives popularized in beauty magazines and beauty blogs.

Even morning shows have made the switch. Good Morning America is currently running a daily section showcasing the latest and hottest advancements in nonsurgical cosmetic treatments!

Are Nonsurgical Facelifts Becoming Increasingly Popular?

According to The American Society for Aesthetic Plastic Surgery, Americans spent in excess of 12 billion dollars on cosmetic enhancements in the year 2014 alone! Also, of all the procedures that were carried out, more than 80% were non-surgical!

These numbers clearly indicate that nonsurgical cosmetic enhancements are gaining widespread acceptance and popularity.

Pssssst….even men have begun to see the benefits…. the number of men opting for these procedures is up by 43%!

Out of every 5 nonsurgical procedures, 4 are dedicated to facial treatments that predominantly reduce wrinkles and smooth skin. These “Top 5” treatments include:

  • botox
  • dermal fillers
  • microdermabrasion
  • permanent hair removal
  • chemical peels

Skin rejuvenation treatments to even out skin tone, like intense pulse light (IPL), and minimally invasive skin tightening treatments (such as ThermiTight) are also in high demand.

A Bit of Surgical History

A Brief History Lesson on Cosmetic Enhancements

• You may think that Plastic Surgery is a fairly recent medical invention that was developed in the 1990s. However, the procedure dates back several hundred years!

• Gaspare Tagliacozzi, the founding father of plastic surgery, was a professor of anatomy and surgery in the University of Bologna. He wrote the world’s first textbook on cosmetic surgery, in which he illustrated a nose restoration job.

• Tagliacozzi founded skin grafting techniques for restoring deformed ears and lips.

• A statue of the professor (posing with a nose in his hand) is on display at the Anatomy Theatre of Bologna. Cosmetic Surgeons are known to make pilgrimages’ to visit the statue!

Why Are Nonsurgical Facelifts Appealing?

The fact is… surgical procedures in general have also risen in the United States. However, the most popular procedures – above the shoulders –  are eyelid and nose surgery. Nonsurgical alternatives to fix these areas don’t exist yet.

As far as facelifts are concerned, one-size does not fit all. A prime candidate for a surgical facelift is not a candidate for the nonsurgical alternative, and vice versa. Suffice is to say, in either case, the most important factor for the best outcome is the doctor’s experience and artistic ability.

One of the factors contributing to the rise in popularity of nonsurgical procedures can be attributed to how women feel about surgery for beauty. Many women are simply not willing or are afraid to go under the knife. So instead, are choosing a mini lift in lieu of surgery.

Who can blame them? Surgical procedures inevitably involve higher risks and longer recovery periods. If a person wants to undergo a surgical facelift, he/she has to take a leave from work, family and social life until he/she feels is presentable enough to make a public appearance.

Let’s not forget, there is a higher degree of physical pain and discomfort associated with a surgery.

Another factor is, women are trying to avoid the plastic surgery look. We’ve all seen it and would rather die than see it in the mirror. Or being the subject of conversation thanks to it. Right?

While you should never let social opinions dictate your personal decisions, you might be relieved to know that nonsurgical facelifts are a welcomed alternative precisely because you get natural looking results. The numbers speak for themselves.

A non-surgical facelift makes you look refreshed and vibrant – just like the effect produced by makeup or a trendy haircut.

The truth is… there are many plastic surgeons that have the experience and aptitude to give you the natural look you desire. At a cost, of course.

Thanks to the many advancements in various cosmetic technologies, nonsurgical procedures are becoming more affordable. They are no longer exclusively for Hollywood actors and the wealthy. If you look back, not too long ago cell phones could only be afforded by rich executives. Today, almost everyone has them, including kids.

If you think about it, nonsurgical procedures provide the convenience similar to beauty salons. You go in for your scheduled an appointment, come out looking and feeling and looking great!

In other word…, they are convenient, desirable and affordable!

For Whom Are Nonsugical Facelifts?

Nonsurgical facelifts are for people who want a stress-free way to look and feel youthful and vibrant! If you are over 40 years old, you are most likely starting to show a few wrinkles and other signs of aging.

Depending on your lifestyle and genetics, you may also be experiencing the following changes:

  1. Loose skin under the chin (or double chin)
  2. Drooping eyelids
  3. Sagging skin around the mouth and under the eyes
  4. Conspicuous age spots
  5. Lowered eyebrows
  6. Hollow cheeks
  7. Loose skin around the neck

All this is perfectly normal – it’s a natural process. However, you now have the option of reversing the effects of aging without surgery.

You can look refreshed, vibrant and more effervescent without resorting to surgery. Surely it will have a positive effect on your confidence, career and relationships?

You are a candidate for a nonsurgical facelift if you fall into one or more of the following groups:

#1 You want to look as young as you feel

You are an active, energetic person and want to look the part too. You want to regain that elusive radiance and allure! You’re young at heart and want to reflect that in the mirror.

#2 You are a super-mom, super-wife, super-employee!

You have dedicated more time to others than to yourself. You have toiled relentlessly for the benefit of your husband, kids, society, workplace etc. However, when you look into the mirror – you see a tired person. You think to yourself, “It’s time, it’s all about me!

#3 You did not win the genetic lottery

You just look older than you are. It served you well in the past to appear more mature, but now the waiter suggests the “senior” menu. You know it’s time to stop letting genetics impact your appearance!

The Bottom Line

A nonsurgical facelift has many advantages – it is fast, affordable, convenient and can help you feel rejuvenated!

Do your due diligence. Research your options and ask questions, many questions, until YOU feel comfortable with what is best for you.

Kevin Earl, MD

Kevin Earl, MD

Kevin Earl, MD is a board certified physician and graduated from Arkansas Tech University Magna Cum Laude.

Dr. Earl specializes in non-invasive and minimally invasive anti-aging and body contouring procedures.

His practice, EARLMD in Bentonville, AR, is a patient-centered medical aesthetic practice that uses the latest technology and medical advances to rejuvenate your skin and restore your body to a more youthful appearance.

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