Aesthetic Treatments That Increase Collagen Production

Aesthetic Treatments that Stimulate Collagen ProductionMany cosmetic doctors embrace the most cutting edge technology to stimulate production of collagen and prevent saggy, loose skin. They have fully investigated these technologies and have witnessed firsthand the benefits of these technologies.

The latest advancements in aesthetic treatments that stimulate the production of collagen work by creating an environment in which the epidermis or dermis require subtle healing.  There are 3 main approaches to that effect.

#1 Exfoliation ,which is typically done with crystals or mild acids

#2 Puncturing the skin using very thin needles or laser

#3 Heat Science is used in ultrasound and radiofrequency approaches

Non-Invasive Treatments

The non-invasive approaches are considered exercise for your skin. It is often wise to get started with non-invasive maintenance treatments early on to preserve youthfulness and prevent facial sagging.

Micro-needling – Derma Pen- also known as Collagen Induction Therapy, stimulates collagen by disrupting the skin and underlying skin layer to enhance collagen production with repeat sessions.

Chemical Peel / Vi Peel – offers a deep exfoliation of the skin to remove the dead surface skin layer and reveal new skin cells. This type of reaction stimulates collagen production.

Microdermabrasion – is a less invasive type of skin exfoliation that renews your skin which contributes to enhanced collagen production.

Radiofrequency – ThermiSmooth is a RF treatment that uses that uses temperature controlled radiofrequency to dramatically boosts collagen production to reveal smoother and tighter skin

Minimally Invasive Treatments

Fractional CO2 Laser – This skin resurfacing procedure is considered the most effective procedure for skin tightening and diminishing by cosmetic doctors

Titan Laser – serves areas of the face that have slight loose skin

Radiofrequency – ThermiTight is an injectable radiofrequency that specifically works to tighten loose skin in the lower face, jawline, and neck.

What Is The Best Choice For Me?

The best solution for you to increase collagen in the skin depends on a two main preferences:

  • How much downtime are you comfortable taking?
  • Do you prefer a one-time procedure or several treatments over time?

Additionally, it is important to consider which treatment will be most effective for you’re desired outcome. You can rest assured that your dermatologist or cosmetic doctor will recommend a treatment suitable for your needs. He or she will evaluate many factors to determine the best approach for you.

It is far easier to achieve the most highly satisfactory results from a proactive approach when compared to a reactive one. The good news is that you do not have to wait for a facelift to achieve highly complementary results.

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Kevin Earl, MD

Kevin Earl, MD

Kevin Earl, MD is a board certified physician and graduated from Arkansas Tech University Magna Cum Laude.

Dr. Earl specializes in non-invasive and minimally invasive anti-aging and body contouring procedures.

His practice, EARLMD in Bentonville, AR, is a patient-centered medical aesthetic practice that uses the latest technology and medical advances to rejuvenate your skin and restore your body to a more youthful appearance.

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