When you were young, it didn’t matter what time of the day or location, sex was something you were always ready to experience. Kissing, hugging, and hand-holding were just natural extensions of the passion you held for each other.

Easy Ways to Regain Sexual Desire

Arousal was quick, feelings were intense, and there seemed to be no limit to your endurance.

A little later down the road, you begin to notice a distinct difference in your sexual life, especially the frequency. Career building, children and other responsibilities begin to take a toll. You and your partner are often mentally and physically exhausted.

At this time in your life, finding the time to have uninterrupted sex can be difficult. Sex tends to be quicker and activities like holding hands begin to wane. You may also find that arousal requires more time and stamina may be lacking. Instead of seeking new locations to express your love, you may find that creature comforts are a prime consideration.

As you and your partner age, distressing realities become apparent. It takes longer for you both to become aroused and more stimulation is required.

You may start feeling less attractive and menopause may seem like it’s just around the corner, but there are a number of steps you can take to put the spark back in your relationship at any age.

Easy Ways to Regain Sexual Desire

Keep Stress Low

Humans are highly sexual beings and a reduction or loss of libido can be especially disturbing. It can begin to happen at any age and for a wide variety of reasons.

Stress is the great libido killer, affecting both mental and physical responses, but it’s not the only factor.

Long commutes, financial woes and work deadlines are all ingredients for lessened libido. For women, stress comes from a myriad of sources that include:

  • Lack of confidence and problems with body image
  • Children
  • Relationship problems that can be exacerbated by loss of libido
  • Illness, physical injuries and medications
  • Lack of sleep
  • Depression brought about by any of the above

The Psychology of Sex

Sex is as much a mental endeavor as it is physical. A romantic mood can be triggered by positive influences and it can be hindered by things in your environment. Keep the bedroom private, free of clutter and remove work-related items. You may be unconsciously bothered by family photos who give the appearance of “looking” at you or by the presence of pets in the bedroom.

You can help set a romantic mood by trying the following:

  • Letting in fresh air
  • Lighting scented candles
  • Dim lighting
  • A small amount of alcoholic beverages may help you relax
  • Eating foods before intimacy that promote the release of endorphins
  • Include elements in the environment that spark desire in both partners

A sex therapist can also be beneficial for addressing problems that prevent you from initiating or desiring sex.

Food, Drink and Supplements

Your diet really can affect your sex life, but before you fill your fridge with nothing but popular aphrodisiacs, try eating a healthy, balanced diet and stay hydrated. Don’t be afraid to add natural supplements to your diet to make up for vitamin and mineral deficiencies.

Stopping at the drive-thru may seem like a good idea when you’re tired or in a hurry, but it will ultimately be detrimental to your overall health and sex drive. Consider exercising to lose pounds, boost confidence and relieve stress.

Medications can help us, but some also depress desire. Certain medical conditions can also affect the body’s ability to attain or sustain arousal and it’s important to understand the role that hormones play in your sex drive. Hormone therapy can be beneficial for restoring a healthy libido and exercise also boosts testosterone levels.

Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy (BHRT)

Bioidentical hormone therapy is a highly specialized treatment that utilizes plant-based compounds. It acts the same as the hormones that occur naturally in your body and customized doses are delivered through pellets the size of a grain of rice. The pellets are inserted in fatty tissue, must be replaced every 3-4 months, and are completely invisible to others.

BHRT delivers a steady, measured dosage of the hormones needed, but without the problems and side effects associated with other therapies. The innovative new method is minimally invasive, can be utilized by women of any age and is especially beneficial if you’re post-menopausal.

The O-Shot™

The O-Shot™ is a revolutionary new treatment that improves stimulation and sensitivity, arousal and libido with a 20-minute non-surgical procedure. It’s also effective for leaky bladders. It works to rejuvenate your sex organs by improving their health, functioning and circulation. It’s particularly effective for women with low desire or the inability to achieve orgasm.

The procedure requires a small sample of blood in which growth and healing factors are stimulated before being reinserted in the body. The activated blood improves circulation and collagen production. Your vaginal area becomes more supple and sensitive to stimulation, thereby enhancing arousal and orgasm.

The O-Shot™ works in conjunction with an Intensity Device that you’ll use at home to exercise, strengthen, tone, and condition the pelvic floor muscles.


Childbirth, multiple births, gravity and aging robs vaginal and surrounding tissue of the elasticity of youth.

ThermiVa is a new, non-surgical treatment that’s administered through the use of radio frequency energy. ThermiVa revives, rejuvenates and tightens vaginal tissue by increasing collagen production.

There’s no down time and you can return to all your regular activities immediately. The procedure takes just 15-30 minutes and can be accomplished during a lunch hour. An advantage is that you can receive the first treatment as soon as six weeks after delivery and between pregnancies to prevent loss of sensitivity and maintain essential collagen production.

The radio wave technology improves circulation to the inner and outer vaginal region for increased sensitivity, lubrication and a younger appearance. The technique is also effective for addressing painful intercourse and treating incontinence that appears following childbirth and aging. The effects last for 9-12 months and maintenance treatments are only needed 1-2 times each year.

Easy Ways to Regain Sexual Desire

Regain Your Sexual Self

Science and psychology has proven that it’s entirely possible to enjoy a full and active sex life well into your 70s and technology is helping you restore what time, stress, aging and childbirth has taken away.

Technological advances provide multiple opportunities to rejuvenate the health of sexual organs and give you the responsiveness you enjoyed in your youth.

When you’re confident that you’ll be able to respond, your level of spontaneity, desire, enjoyment and intimacy soars. Multiple opportunities are available to regain your sexual desire that require no invasive procedures.

Sex relies on a psychological and physical component, both of which can be nurtured for a mutually beneficial experience for you and your partner.

Kevin Earl, MD

Kevin Earl, MD

Kevin Earl, MD is a board certified physician and graduated from Arkansas Tech University Magna Cum Laude.

Dr. Earl specializes in non-invasive and minimally invasive anti-aging and body contouring procedures.

His practice, EARLMD in Bentonville, AR, is a patient-centered medical aesthetic practice that uses the latest technology and medical advances to rejuvenate your skin and restore your body to a more youthful appearance.

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