No More Frown Lines


Long-term Alternative to Dermal Fillers

Get rid of your frownIf you are tired of looking at your frown lines in the mirror and/or are tired of going for neurotoxin injections to smooth out frown lines, EarlMD has the solution for you.

At EarlMD, we take pride in delivering the most advanced solutions for anti-aging. In this vein, we introduce ThermiRase™, a micro-invasive radiofrequency procedure lasting one to two years.

How Does ThermiRase™ Compare with Neurotoxins?

First, ThermiRase™ is a radiofrequency approach when compared to the injectable neurotoxin approach. In addition, Botox results last for approximately four months whereas ThermiRase™ lasts for one to two years. Some people do not respond to Neurotoxins, making ThermiRase™ an ideal alternative.

What Will I Feel During Treatment?

The treatment feels like a gentle, warming massage as the probe is applied to your skin. The treatment does not take more than 20 minutes? time. Following treatment, you need not be concerned about recovery.

When Will I See Results?

The results from ThermiRase™ are apparent initially and build over time. Touch ups after one to two years may be required for everlasting results.

Am I A Candidate?

Dr. Earl will conduct an examination to identify your candidacy for treatment. Generally speaking, ThermiRase™ works well for all skin types.

I Want To Know More About ThermiRase

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