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I had Vaserlipo on my stomach and abdomen. I had skin laxity and belly fat. Dr. Earl and his staff did a great job explaining the procedure and what to expect. The procedure went well and their follow up was amazing. I had very minimal downtime. I am so happy with my results. I love having a defined waistline again. I would highly recommend Vaserlipo and EARLMD clinic.

T. D.

April 2018

I had the o-shot to help with urinary incontinence. I was not able to jog or jump without bladder leaking. I even leaked when I sneezed. The o-shot has worked great. I don’t leak anymore when I sneeze, jog or jump. I would definitely recommend this procedure and Dr. Earl and staff. I am very pleased with the service, care and support I get with them.

T. D.

April 2018

I was not looking forward to bathing suit season before having the procedure (Vaserlipo). We did my abdomen and flanks and the results on my back are just as substantial if not more than my stomach.

I was so impressed with the skill at which Dr. Earl performed my procedure. I cannot believe I have that hour-glass shape back. There were unexpected results in that my butt also looks lifted.

Overall this was an excellent experience and I would recommend Dr. Earl to any friend or family member.


April 2018

Came in for a facial (I’m 58) and had a consult with  Dr. Earl. I had been a smoker and wanted help with lines around my mouth. He suggested Restylane Silk and I had the procedure. May I say… I now LOVE my MOUTH and LIPS! I’m super impressed with the “fill-in” quality of this product!

I’ve also used Dr. Earl for Botox on lines on my forehead and Juvederm Ultra for filler on cheeks. I had gone through menopause at an early age( 44) and the loss of collagen in my skin had become quite noticeable to me.

Many thanks to Dr. Earl for taking the time to review my concerns and dealing with them in a highly professional manner.


S. P.

March 2018

I’ve worked out and been very active all my life, but struggled with body shape and fat. It didn’t seem to matter what activity I tried, running, walking, all sorts of cardio, weights, etc. I visited with Dr. Earl about my problem and he said he could help give me the shape that I never had and always dreamed of, but couldn’t obtain on my own through diet and exercise.

I’m thrilled to have a waist. My jeans / clothes fit now with no muffin top! Thank you Dr. Earl for giving me more confidence. People don’t even recognize me in the gym – especially from the back!



March 2018

Dr. Earl spent a lot of time with me during my consultation. He is extremely knowledgeable regarding what would work best for me. The results have been amazing.

I would highly recommend him. I will continue to see him for all future cosmetic procedures. Fabulous!


March 2018

Dr. Earl has been great helping me with weight loss and overcoming the fatigue that I have suffered with. A big THANKS to him and his staff for helping me.

E. S.

February 2018

I would recommend Dr. Earl and his staff to anyone. They have been great about answering all my questions an concerns and making sure I had a great experience with the Vaserlipo.

I would definitely do it all over again and will be back in the future for other procedures as well.


January 2018

I didn’t realize the dramatic difference my CoolSculpting results were until I saw my 3-months after pictures. Amazing!

Dr. Earl and his staff were very friendly and accommodating throughout the entire process.

A. R.

December 2017

I highly recommend Dr. Earl for any procedure you’re considering. The proof is in the comments I receive from my friend’s telling me how awesome I look 🙂

I look fantastic!! But it’s not only that, I also feel so much better physically and emotionally. Dr. Earl’s professionalism and expertise will get you the results you’re looking for. I appreciate his staff and their concern and assistance to help achieve desired results and they’re just fun to be around 🙂

B. B.

November 2017

My son’s confidence improved 110% from his first visit up to now with the help of Dr. Earl and his team. He is now extremely comfortable in public places and engaging with others, especially being very comfortable in talking and engaging with people who are executives and leaders of their organizations.

His confidence has improved tremendously overall with all areas of communication, especially when this contact is personal rather than on the phone or other electronic means.

Seeing this has also made me very happy and confident that my son can do anything with his new energy.

N. A.

October 2017

Best Botox I have had. No redness. I went right back to work. I will definitely refer my friends to Dr. Earl.

D. J.

September 2017

Got tired of my wife commenting on my “Love Handles”. This (CoolSculpting) turned out to be an easy fix with no downtime. My wife is Super impressed. My life is better.


August 2017

Dr. Earl and staff have been incredible guiding me through my weight loss journey and more importantly, extremely supportive. Best decision I’ve made in years.


August 2017

Exceptional experiences each time I have been in. The (Dermapen) results have been wonderful and the staff is very informative and helpful. I would highly recommend EARLMD.


August 2017

I couldn’t ask for a better group of people, both staff and Dr. Earl! They are not only professional, but they put me at ease before, during and after my Vaserlipo procedure for my stomach and chin. The staff and Dr. Earl make themselves available to speak to me about any concerns I have! I am “Pleased as Punch” by the results.

Thank you Dr. Earl!


August 2017

I am very pleased with the results of my Voluma treatment. Dr. Earl is a talented physician who can make results look very subtle and natural.

Came in for weight loss and have lost 29 pounds in 2 months. Feel 100% better and the program works!

David M.

Dr Earl is the best.. He is such a perfectionist.. And that is what you want! Highly recommend him and his dedicated staff for all your needs and desires.

D. D.

I’ve always had pretty good lips but never been completely satisfied after getting Restylane. I’m so happy! I’m already getting compliments.


May 2017

I was afraid at first but so glad I received the Botox! I am loving the results. Dr. Earl is tha total bomb!


May 2017

I’ve had a great experience so far. Dr. Earl is courteous, knowledgeable and professional. My (liposuction) results have been wonderful. I appreciate the great staff as well.


April 2017

It’s been almost one year since I first went to see Dr. Earl. After my first round of testosterone pellets, I felt amazingly better. Energy, sleep, stamina, and libido improved substantially. After the second round of treatment , the best way to describe how I felt would be ‘normal’.

At 51 years old, I still struggled with weight loss, so as we started the 3rd round of pellets, Dr. Earl suggested a weight loss program. I was a little pessimistic about it, but gave it my all. Three weeks in, I have lost 22 lbs, just 8 more lbs to go to reach my goal!! One thing I have come to realize is that at my age, it takes commitment, dedication and guidance from my doctor to have the health that I desire. Thanks to Dr. Earl and staff!!

I have had fillers done in New York e City over the past 9 years at various doctors and plastic surgeons offices. I found Dr. Earl’s filler treatments to be far superior compared to the ones I received in New York. He not only does an excellent job, but his technique is a work of art that lasts longer than most!!

I have taken hormone medicine for many years and was not really doing very well on them. I had gained weight and was not able to lose any weight no matter how hard I had tried. I also had constant pain due to fibromyalgia. My grandson was born and it literally hurt to hold him.

That’s when I decided I had to do something. I was talking to someone and she asked if I had heard of Bioidentical Hormone Replacement Therapy. That day I made an appointment to see Doctor Earl and it was the best thing I have ever done. He explained everything to me and told me it was my decision to try the treatment. I made another appointment to get the treatment and instantly I felt better. Within a week I had more energy, the pain was gone and I was able to sleep. Most of all I was able to hold my grandbaby. I have lost weight and able to keep it off for the last year. I am able to walk, in fact I walk 3 to 5 miles 4 to 5 times a week. I am starting the second year of treatment and have been so much healthier and happier. I highly recommend to go see Doctor Earl if you have having any of these issues.

J. B.

The (Platelet-Rich Plasma) treatment gave me probably about an 80% improvement after about 3-4 weeks. I could barely walk. I could barely walk or put weight on my knee. It really was an impressive important.

I went ahead and did a second injection to take my improvement to 100% but am extremely happy with the results.

Thanks Dr. Earl

M. G.

“I love Dr. Earl and his staff! Everyone made me feel at ease and my results have been amazing!! For years, I was so uncomfortable showing my knees and thighs. I now have so much more confidence in my appearance and I would recommend Vaserlipo with Dr. Earl to anyone with body issues!”

B. R.

“Dr. Earl went above and beyond for me during my Vaserlipo procedure!! To say he is a perfectionist and will not give up until he achieves the best result is an understatement! I am in love with my results and my new body! My decision to get Vaserlipo along with a Brazilian butt lift was one of the best decisions I have made for myself. I would and do recommend Dr. Earl!!”

“My hormone therapy has been a life changing process, I have been able to keep muscle and stay focused much more. My moods and feelings have smoothed out, no more peaks and valleys! Thank you Dr.Earl!!”

After years of hip pain from fibromyalgia, I am floored to be so pain free where we did the PRP consult with Dr.Earl. It had come to the point where everyday revolved around managing the intense joint pain in my hip. Now I know what it is like again to live life where pain is not my # 1 concern. I will be returning to get my other hip done. Thank you Dr. Earl of taking care of my health and giving me some natural options!

8 months ago I had Vaserlipo with Dr. Earl. 1 session on my back and another session 2 months later on my stomach. Wow! What a difference both procedures have made, not only with my body, but with my confidence and self esteem. The recovery time was minimal with very little discomfort. I am able to wear at least 3 sizes smaller in clothing, my new body has on a daily basis continued to propel me forward to a healthy lifestyle, and Im loving it. A few months prior to having the procedures, I would have been too uncomfortable in the gym or on the bike trails and now I am riding 25 to 30 miles a week and in the gym a couple of days a week! I not only want to share my success story, but want to encourage you ‘that it’s ok’…you deserve to do this for yourself too! Dr. Earl will be with you every step of the way during your transformation.

Excited about Dr. Earl’s services and I would definitely refer to others…great atmosphere. Very warm and friendly!

October 2015

My experience with Vaserlipo has been so incredible and Dr. Earl is the best! I am a little OCD and I like things to be perfect. After a lot of research to find the right doctor for me, I came to Dr. Earl. His attention to detail and his knowledge made me feel comfortable about having Vaserlipo done to my back and my abdomen, and a fat transfer to my buttocks. All procedures were done with precision and care. I could not ask for more! I have had great results that many of my friends are now making plans for Vaserlipo.. I highly recommend Dr. Earl, he cares as much as you do to make your body looks the way you always wished it could look.

February 2016

I have been coming to Dr. Earl for weight loss consistently since last December and have lost 11 lbs…I appreciate all he has done for me. He took the time to understand my concerns and spent time with me…Dr. Earl has been great and I am so glad that my health has improved!

February 2016

I saw Dr. Earl last summer for a Vaserlipo procedure..It was done in a timely manner with minimal down time, very little bruising and I saw immediate results within the first 3 months and it was even better 3 months later!!!

February 2016

I started on Dr. Earl’s weight loss plan over a month ago..I was on my way to having a heart attack and other health issues. I now eat right and follow his plan and it works for me.. I feel better than I have ever felt. Thank you Dr. Earl!

February 2016

I had a ThermiTight procedure done and am totally happy with the results! Dr. Earl and his staff are wonderful and I would recommend them to everyone!

February 2016

I have been receiving Botox from Dr. Earl for many years. I would not go anywhere else!! He is awesome…love Botox!!

February 2016

I cameo to Dr. Earl for Vaserlipo and had amazing results..I cannot believe the transformation!! Every week that passes, my stomach looks better and better! Thank you Dr. Earl for an amazing job!

February 2016

I was recommended to Dr. Earl who saw an article on Dr. Earl’s hormone therapy. I was going through a tough time with hormone issues, high cholesterol, and high weight due to PCOS and depression. Im a 38 year old female and have been on multiple medications to control my symptoms but could not find the right formula to lose weight and to get my symptoms under control, so I thought I would just give up. My main goal was to lose weight and to eventually have children. My first appt. with Dr. Earl he listened to my story and sent me to get my blood work done. On my next visit we discussed the results and the plan to get me healthy! I started to get excited because he took interest in me and my health. He got me on the right medicines and the right diet the first time around. Based on my medical history, he knew just where to start me. In one month on the planned diet, I lost 19 lbs! Wow!! So exciting for someone battling PCOS and now I have new found courage and support! Thanks to Dr. Earl for helping me succeed!

February 2016

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