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Acne & Scar Treatments in Gilbert, MesaIf you “avoid” being around people because of your acne and acne scars…

You are not alone!

Acne and acne scars can be very disconcerting… If you’re struggling to clear your acne with over the counter products that don’t work, a medical approach is for you!

Today, teens and adults alike seek out medical treatment for acne and acne scars. Indeed, EarlMD can help.

At EarlMD, we combine a thorough medical evaluation and make recommendations using the latest technology available to deliver highly satisfactory results for acne and acne scars. Dr. Earl will begin with a complimentary skin assessment  and develop a targeted plan to treat your acne, improve acne scarring and even out skin tone.

What Are Your Options?

The most important option is your decision to stop suffering with acne or acne scarring and to call us and schedule a consultation appointment…

Upon evaluation, Dr. Earl may use prescription medication (if needed) and/or the latest innovations in technology to reduce or eliminate your acne and acne scars such as:

  • Fractional CO2 Laser – the most effective treatment, this laser works by resurfacing only a “fraction” of the skin at a time, leaving the surrounding area intact for faster healing. The fractional CO2 laser pokes tiny microscopic holes in the skin down past the epidermis and into the dermis. These holes cause new collagen to be generated, which fills in the acne scars and creates rejuvenated smoother skin.
  • Laser Genesis -a gentle, non invasive, relaxing and virtually painless procedure with zero downtime. Most patients require a series of treatments for optimal results.
  • Dermapen -a convenient and effective way of treating scars. The physical nature of “skin-needling” breaks up fibrous and uneven scar tissue and encourages growth of new tissue.

The treatment time may vary depending upon the degree of acne and scarring. Following all treatments, you will return home with a skincare regimen designed specifically for you.

Before & After Pictures for Acne / Scar Treatment

After seeing Before & After Pictures Acne / Scar Treatment please also check into our Botox® Wrinkle Treatment. A BOTOX® is a purified protein derived from the bacterium, Clostridium Botulinum. For Moderate To Severe Frown Lines & Crows Feet

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Dr. Kevin Earl

Dr. Earl’s approach to acne treatment and scar removal includes topical and oral medication, laser, micro-needling.



Topical treatments and oral antibiotics can be used for moderate to severe acne.

Fractional CO2 Laser

Fractional CO2 Laser is the most effective “single treatment” solution for damaged skin and wrinkles.

Laser Genesis

Laser Genesis treat excessive redness, enlarged pores, uneven skin texture, and fine lines and wrinkles.


A fractional micro-needling treatment to effectively reduce fine lines and wrinkles, minimizing pores and acne scars.

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