Before & After Pictures for Sculpting of Arms, Thighs & Knees

VASERlipo – Inner Thighs & Knees
Female VASERlipo of Inner Thighs and Knees

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Before & After Arm Photos

VASERlipo – Arms
40-50 year old Female VASERlipo of arms

VASERlipo – Inner Thighs & Knees
Middle aged female for inner thighs and knee sculpting. To make the inner thighs no longer touch and rub against her clothing.

VASERlipo – Inner Thighs & Knees
Young female for sculpting the inner thighs and knees creating a more effeminate appearing thigh.

VASERlipo – Inner Thighs
Female inner thighs and knees in middle aged woman for more shapely inner thighs and knees.

VASERlipo – Thighs
Fat Removal in the Thighs

VASERlipo – Inner Thighs, Knees, Saddle Bags
Middle Aged female Vaser lipo of inner thighs, knees and saddle bags.

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