Before & After Pictures for Body Sculpting / Fat Removal of Mid Section (Abdomen, Lower Back, Chest, Love Handles) & Thighs

Also visit Butt Lift & Neck Sculpting before and after pictures

Vaserlipo of love muffin top with fat transfer to upper outer buttocks   Before & After Pictures

Vaserlipo – Abdomen
Vaserlipo produces 33% more skin tightening than traditional liposuction

3D High Definition VASERlipo – Abdomen

VASERlipo Lower Back

VASERlipo – Abdomen & Chest

VASERlipo – Abdomen & Back with Fat Transfer to Buttocks

VASERlipo Back & Saddle Bags

VASERlipo of Abdomen and Bra Fat

VASERlipo of Back

VASERlipo of Full Back and Brazillian Buttlift

Female for VASERlipo of bra fat and flanks

VASERlipo Hi Def – Abdomen
40 year old female for VASER Hi Def lipo of abdomen

VASERlipo – Abdomen Male

VASERlipo – Abdomen Female

VASERlipo – Abdomen

VASERlipo – Abdomen & Muffin Top
Female in mid 40’s desired more defined abdomen and waist.

VASERlipo – Abdomen & Lower Back
40 yo male abdomen and low back.

VASERlipo – Lower Back
Female in her 40’s desired a more hour glass shape, smoother appearance to her back, “S shaped curve” lower back, as well as a more shapely frame to her buttocks with pretty sacral dimples.

High Definition VASERlipo – Abdomen
30 year old female for body sculpting high definition abdomen and improved hour glass shape.

VASERlipo – Back & Hips
Middle aged female received VASER liposculpture to shape full back (removing bra fat and rolls) and hips, framing the top buttock and hips (no buttock fat transfer), and creating an hour glass shape. This photo is 3 weeks after her procedure, she has 50 percent swelling and will improve 50 percent more.

VASERlipo- Inner Thighs & Knees
Middle aged female for inner thighs and knee sculpting. To make the inner thighs no longer touch and rub against her clothing.

VASERlipo – Inner Thighs
Middle aged woman desired fat removal in inner thighs and knees.

Female Full Back
Young female for sculpting hour glass figure, shaping top of buttocks and bra fat removal.

VASERlipo – Abodmen
Young to middle age female wished for shaping of the abdomen into hour glass figure. Patient lost 4 pounds (lipo is not a weight loss procedure, it is a fat removal and body shaping procedure), but may lose many inches in size for a wonderful shape.

VASERlipo – Abdomen & Buttocks
VASERlipo of abdomen with fat transfer to buttocks for more effeminate abdominal body shape and rounded shapely buttocks. See butt lift pics.

ThermiTight – Abdomen
Middle aged female after children. Dr Earl has combined his knowledge of High Definition Liposculpture with the technology of ThermiTight to develop his own unique brand of utilizing ThermiTight to tighten the skin around the abdomen to produce a tight sculpted “Pre-baby” appearance of the abdomen in this middle aged female after having children. Please see video testimonial of this patient.”

VASERlipo – Inner Thighs & Knees
Young female for sculpting the inner thighs and knees creating a more effeminate appearing thigh.

VASERlipo – Thighs
Fat Removal in the Thighs

VASER Hi Def – Mid Section
In the abdominal area and love handles

VASERlipo – Mid Section
Body sculpting in the waist and bra areas

VASERlipo – Mid Section
Body sculpting of the abdomen

VASERlipo – Chest
Fat Removal In the chest

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