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butt-lift-01Butt Lift, Brazilian Butt Lift, Buttocks Augmentation!

No matter what you call it, you can enhance your buttocks with a safe, minimally-invasive procedure at EARLMD to:

  • add volume
  • re-shape your curves
  • correct proportional imbalances
  • add firmness

And YES, men can also get a butt lift!

Whether your looking to turn heads or feel sexy in a bikini your results will FEEL and LOOK natural.

Why Fat Transfer?

Fat transfer is Dr. Earl’s preferred method for butt lifts. Also known as fat grafting, the procedure utilizes your own fat cells, transferred from other areas of your body to the buttocks; instead of implants. Some of the advantages of fat grafting include:

  • It’s safer than implants, which requires surgery
  • It feels natural to the touch compared to implants
  • No general anesthesia or IV sedation
  • Downtime is minimal
  • Better butt contouring results

As a bonus, your own fat is harvested from other areas of your body where you have unwanted excess fat. Dr. Earl has performed over 1,000 VASERlipo procedures and is certified in VASER Hi Def, an advanced body sculpting technique that removes fat around muscle groups.

Is The Butt Lift Procedure Safe?

Yes. Buttock augmentation from fat transfer is an outpatient procedure. It does not require general anesthesia thus, eliminating all risks associated with it. Dr. Earl’s minimally-invasive approach uses VASER liposuction (VASERlipo) instead of traditional liposuction method to selectively harvest unwanted body fat from your flanks, abdomen, thighs, arms, hips and back. The VASERlipo procedure results in sculpted, smooth, tight skin where the fat is harvested; and fast recovery with minimal downtime. Dr. Earl also prefers VASERlipo because it utilizes ultrasonic waves to break up and separate fat cells before removal, while leaving vital body tissues unharmed. The VASERlipo procedure effectively increases the viability of the fat cells removed to over 85 percent, compared to other liposuction approaches that can only manage 40-60 percent. The collected fat is then be purified using the Pure Graft System (VASERlipo + Puregraft Brochure_2015) to remove free lipid, cellular debris, excess anesthetic fluid and other contaminants. This purification process used by Dr. Earl has been clinically proven to consistently remove 97% of excess components which significantly improves long-term retention of the fat transferred. Although VASER liposuction is powerful enough to target large areas of fat, it is also gentle enough to treat delicate regions of your body such as neck and arms.

Am I A Candidate For Butt Lift?

Many patients want to enhance their shape and confidence with a buttock augmentation procedure, but you must meet specific criteria to qualify for this procedure. Generally, you are an ideal butt lift candidate if you:

  • are in good overall health
  • have sufficient amounts of excess fat in your back, thighs, or abdomen that can be harvested and transferred
  • have good blood supply to your buttocks

You are also an ideal candidate for this procedure if you have recently lost weight and want to add shape to your new figure.

What to Expect After The Procedure

Following the Brazilian butt lift cosmetic procedure, you will be placed in a special pressure garment which you will wear for about four weeks. The garment helps reduce swelling and support the buttocks tissue. Dr. Earl will also provide you with oral pain medication to alleviate discomfort. Refrain from putting weight or sitting directly on your buttocks area for a few weeks after this procedure; instead, sit on special cushion to minimize pressure. You’ll require 2-3 weeks of recovery before you can resume normal activities. You should have fully recovered after about two months. Following the recovery period, your new buttocks will be firmer and lifted and look completely natural.

How Much Does A Butt Lift Cost?

Ask about financing options. On average, the butt lift procedure cost about $8,000-$15,000.

Before and After Pictures of Butt Lift Augmentation

I'm Ready For A Brazilian Butt Lift

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Dr. Kevin Earl

Dr. Earl has performed over 3,000 VASER procedures in Northwest Arkansas and hods an advanced certification in VASERlipo Hi Def.



Dr. Earl uses an ultrasound-assisted liposuction technology for butt lifts called VASERlipo.


VASERshape is a non-invasive treatment that combines ultrasound technology and massage therapy to melt fat away and tighten the skin.


VASER Hi Def® is an advanced sculpting technique to remove fat around muscle groups, making muscles look more refined.

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