One of he most common requested at EARLMD are non-surgical aesthetic treatments for facial rejuvenation.

Facial rejuvenation is on everyone’s mind, particularly, when we start getting the “tired look”.

Although making you look 18 again may not be possible, out treatments reduce the visibility of unwanted wrinkles, as well as, help regenerate collagen in your skin to give it that supple and youthful vibrant look.

Another aging affliction we treat is sagging skin on the jawline and under the chin due to loss of firmness. Our lifting and tightening procedures are non-surgical and also aid in regenerating collagen.

Whether you’re looking to smooth out frown lines or lift the skin around the neck, you can count on a customized solution that is unique to your needs or try Skin Smoothing.

Our facial rejuvenation customized treatment plans include treatments to:

Looking younger no longer requires “going under the knife”.

Call us TODAY to book a NO-Obligation consultation to assess your needs at (479) 273-1426.

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