What would you do if, without invasive surgery, you could give your buttocks that voluptuous lift you’ve always wanted, contour your body to that perfect shape and remove stubborn fat under the chin or arms, giving you a youthful edge?

Get Your Youthful Body Back!

With the many non-surgical and minimally invasive procedures offered at EARLMD, now more than ever, it is easier to look in the mirror and like what you see. And why not feel like the person who turns every head when you walk into the room!

Shape Your Body Without Invasive Surgery

At EARLMD, we perform the safest, non-surgical and minimally-invasive procedures to not only remove fat, but to sculpt and contour your body to your desired shape.

The best part? Some of our options not only remove unwanted fat but tighten your skin at the same time, all in one procedure.

Utilizing technology that freezes stubborn fat cells without damaging surrounding tissue, CoolScultping technology safely delivers precisely controlled cooling to gently and effectively target the fat cells underneath the skin.

Fat cells that are frozen then die off, providing a completely non-surgical way to reshape your body as you have long desired, but have not been able to achieve with diet and exercise.

VASERlipo, a minimally invasive technique that uses ultrasound technology for fat removal and body shaping, gives you that eye-catching result you’ve always dreamed of while tackling those stubborn areas of fat that you just never could get rid of on your own.

Your body will boast definition and the results will make you no longer invisible when you walk into a room.

Using the premier, non-surgical VASERshape technology to smooth and firm your skin, minimize cellulite, EARLMD and VASERshape deliver results that enhance your body through a combination of ultrasound and massage therapies.

Even after just one VASERshape treatment, you will wear a bikini with confidence, knowing that your abdominal skin that grew loose after childbirth is tighter and firmer than before.

Patients looking to combat the signs of aging and dreadfully sagging skin love our popular ThermiTight treatment, designed to tighten skin on the lower face, neck, abdomen, and arms, giving you that youthful appearance that age has taken from you.

Designed to naturally tighten and smooth skin, ideally around the eyes, mouth and cheeks, EARLMD offer ThermiSmooth, a treatment that provides a gentle, but deep heat to stimulate collagen, reducing eyelid laxity, and tightening loose, sagging skin.

Look well rested and youthful after experiencing what ThermiSmooth has to offer.

Butt Lift & Butt Augmentation

Did you know that enhancing your buttock area can safely be done through minimally invasive procedures?

Many men and women think that to add volume, re-shape their curves, and add firmness to their buttocks requires surgical interventions, but through simple procedures such as a fat transfer, where your own fat cells are extracted from other areas of the body and then transferred to your buttocks, is becoming increasingly popular as an alternative for surgical butt implants.

Buttock Augmentation with fat transfer is an outpatient procedure that does not require anesthesia. Using the VASERlipo and Pure Graft Systems together, EARLMD is able to offer a safe, minimally invasive procedure.

Following your procedure, your buttocks will turn heads, boasting a firmer, more lifted appearance while looking completely natural.

Get Rid of Cellulite

EARLMD’s VASERsmooth, VASERshape, and ThermiTight procedures work to reduce the appearance of cellulite through minimally or non-invasive procedures.

Depending on your specific needs, after any one of our three options to correct cellulite, you will experience, tighter skin, increased production of collagen, reduction of excess fat, evened out skin, including severe dimples, and dramatically smoother skin.

Don’t wait to experience the benefits of our cellulite procedures so you that you can feel comfortable wearing short dresses again.

O-Shot for Women

A revolutionary approach to minimizing urinary incontinence and improving sexual intimacy, the O-Shot for women is a safe, non-surgical procedure that drastically improves sensitivity, arousal and sex drive, as well as, solving problems related to leaky bladder.

Through Platelet Rich Plasma Therapy, or PRP, the o-Shot is used to stimulate growth factors to enhance vaginal arousal, lubrication, and resolve leaky bladder.

After an O-Shot, you will say goodbye to low libido, decreased lubrication and painful sex while saying hello to sex that rivals your youthful years!

P-Shot for Men

The P-Shot, or Priapus Shot, for men is also a form of PRP where growth factors rejuvenate the penis.

The P-shot is a clinically proven, safe and effective way to increase penis size and overall sexual wellness without surgery or side-effect filled drugs. The P-Shot also strengthens and straightens the penis, increases sensation, pleasure, as well as, circulation within the penis causing it to be a healthier organ.

Vaginal Rejuvenation

Childbirth and aging can cause dramatic changes to both the vaginal wall and the physical appearances of the vagina.

Intended to stretch during intercourse and after childbirth, over time the vaginal wall can become damaged which often leads to poor self-image and physical discomfort.

Vaginal concerns addressed by vaginal rejuvenation include:

  • Helps enjoy sex without pain due to vaginal dryness
  • Reduces or eliminates embarrassing bladder leakage when you exercise, sneeze or cough
  • Alleviates undergarment discomfort by shrinking the labia

After ThermiVA, your vagina will no longer cause you embarrassment or discomfort and you can take back your sex life with confidence.

ThermiVA is a procedure where energy is transmitted through a wand applicator to the external labial folds and the internal vaginal walls. Toning and muscle improvement takes place while restoring the vaginal wall. This minimally invasive procedure is pain free and does NOT involve the use of anesthetics or sedatives.

Furthermore, the treatment is painless, performed in as little as 20 minutes and requires no recovery period.

Laser Hair Removal

Through 21st century technology, our hair removal laser system treats men and women of all skin tones safely and effectively.

Common areas treated include legs, arm pits, face, bikini area, chest and back, to name a few.

After only 3 to 6 treatments, shaving, painful waxing and tweezing will be a thing of the past!

Vein Removal

Using Sclerotherapy, you can kiss those unsightly veins goodbye and welcome smooth, vein-free legs. Through Sclerotherapy, we can remove small superficial veins, spider veins and reticular veins.

Sclerotherpy is available to patients who are not good candidates for laser vein removal.

Our laser vein removal laser system delivers pulses of light energy which close unsightly veins, sending blood flow to veins deeper below your skin’s surface where it should be.

Get Your Youthful Body Back Today

The rest is up to you! All you have to do is call EARLMD at (479) 273-1426 to schedule your appointment or request a consultation online.


Dr. Earl, MD, is a board-certified physician and graduate of Arkansas Tech University, Magna Cum Laude. Additionally, he is board certified in General Medicine, scoring in the upper 24% among all examines. Dr. Earl has obtained advanced training certifications in Vaser Hi Def Lipo, Dermal Fillers, BOTOX Cosmetic, Bio-identical hormone pellet therapy, and laser procedures.

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