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Bio-Identical Hormone Replacement Therapy

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Weight loss made easy

If you’ve tried every exercise plan, diet and pill, or any other methods of weight loss, but have not seen the results you want, then Dr. Earl at EarlMD can help YOU reach your weight loss goal.

Dr. Earl offers a customized and personalized Ketosis plan that will help you to safely lose weight, gain energy and most important of all, learn to understand how the body works in relation to the food you eat.

The Ketosis plan is backed by 50+ years of medical research and proven results to lose as much as 20 pounds in 30 days! Furthermore, this plan is inexpensive and easy to fit into your lifestyle.

How Do I Lose Weight On A Ketosis Plan?

Ketosis is a natural metabolic process that occurs in the body when you don’t eat enough carbohydrates and sugars to produce energy. The body then turns to stored fat in the body for energy. As a result, you lose fat and weight.

The plan works by customizing a high protein diet plan to force your body into Ketosis. Once the body is in ketosis, you monitor your ketone levels to ensure you are within the correct levels for maximum weight loss potential.

What Makes The Ketogenic Diet Plan Easy to Follow?

Unlike low calorie diets, eating a well balanced diet of high-protein foods will make you less hungry. The plan is effective for almost everyone who enjoys a wide range of foods because:

  • Foods selection include fish, beef, poultry, vegetables, dairy, nuts and seeds
  • High protein diets are filling so you’re seldom hungry shortly after eating
  • Low-carb recipes are abundant and easily accessible online
  • You can still find something to eat when you eat out

We also have offer Body Sculpting/Fat Removal into our treatment EarldMd.

Came in for weight loss and have lost 29 pounds in 2 months. Feel 100% better and the program works!

David M.

June 2017

Can I Do Anything To Maximize My Weight Loss?

Yes. Whether you enjoy walking, cycling or dancing, any form of exercise or activity that elevates your heart rate will inevitably consume some of the calories you ingest. Additionally, the body performs best when hormone levels are balanced. Ask about Bio-identical Hormone Replacement Therapy during your consultation.

Dr. Earl will provide additional recommendations based on your age, overall health and activity level geared to maximize results specifically for you.

Does The Ketosis Plan Work For Everybody?

Many patients find that they can lose up to 20 pounds within thirty days. Depending on your weight loss goals, you may continue with the plan until you meet your goal or even adopt the plan into your lifestyle.

It’s important to point out that everyone is different and goals vary from patient to patient. Dr. Earl will customize a plan to meet YOUR specific goals and may also suggest Nutrition & Lifestyle Counseling.

In my three years of being a patient of Dr. Earl he has been a great influence of my weight lost success.

Rob A.

Dr. Earl has helped me far exceeded both my weight loss goals, and maintain my overall well-being. He, and his staff, have always been more than accommodating with my awkward travel schedule.

S. Philip

I’m Ready To Lose Weight! How Do I Get Started?

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Start shrinking your fat cells today!

Dr. Kevin Earl

Dr. Earl offers a customized and personalized Ketosis plan that will help you lose weight and gain energy.

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