Sclerotherapy Treatment

Bare Your Legs Again!

Eliminate Spider Veins & Reticular Veins

Vein RemovalTreatment for veins by injections or Sclerotherapy is available to the clients who are not good candidates for laser vein removal due to the size or location of the vein as determined at the initial consultation or who prefer to use this form of vein therapy.

Latest cutting edge technology is utilized in locating the feeders of spider and reticular veins in order to inject in a precise manner. Injected chemicals have a proven record of safety and efficacy.

There is little discomfort associated with Sclerotherapy. Several treatments may be needed over the course of several weeks. Traditional, Ultrasound guided, and Foam Sclerotherapy are used to achieve maximum benefit. It is an injection treatment used to eliminate “spider” veins and small to medium-size varicose veins. A solution is injected into the problem vein with a very fine needle. The vein wall becomes irritated. Subsequent application of external compression with dressings and prescription-gradient compression hose seals the vein wall together. The body breaks down the damaged vein and absorbs it Sclerotherapy remains the mainstay of eliminating spider veins and certain varicose veins. A tiny needle is, ultimately eliminating the problem vein.

No pre-treatment patient preparation is needed and most patients describe minimal discomfort. After treatment patients resume normal activities, but are asked to avoid prolonged sitting and standing for 3 days and heavy exercise (weight lifting, running and high impact aerobics) for two weeks. Walking is encouraged after the treatments. Prescription-gradient compression hose are worn for 9 days after each treatment.

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