Let’s get one thing straight: PRP for hair restoration is not a fad.

PRP for hair restoration is a treatment thousands of people all over the world are receiving and they’re calling it a miracle procedure. It’s seriously changing their lives… are you ready to change yours?

What Is Vampire Hair Regrowth?

If so, let’s start from the beginning…

Hair loss is something no man or woman wants to experience or talk about. Although it is most common during your 40’s and 50’s, you can suffer from hair loss at any age.

Unless it runs in the family, no one goes through life thinking they’ll have to worry about losing their hair, right? I mean, who would want to think of that anyhow.

After ignoring the few strands of hair in the shower drain, pillow, brush, etc., the day comes when you look in the mirror and notice your hair is thinning.

Which, no doubt, makes it hard to feel confident.

Well, it’s happening. It’s here… Hair loss, that is.

What Exactly is Hair Loss

In simple terms, when you start to experience hair loss, you begin to shed more and grow less hair – no matter the cause.

Why Does Hair Loss Occur

There’s many reasons why you might be losing hair:

  • stress
  • hereditary male pattern baldness
  • hormonal imbalance
  • medication
  • lack of nutrients
  • and aging

It is normal, as it is common, to be concerned and feel incomplete as a result of hair loss.

If you are suffering from thinning hair, don’t wait until your hair is so thin you feel embarrassed going out in public.

Keep in mind that the sooner you address hair loss, the better the results.

About Regrowing Hair

Wouldn’t you love to look in the mirror everyday and see yourself with a full head of hair? Like in your youth!

With the help of an innovative regenerative medicine breakthrough, you can regrow thick and abundant hair.

Keep in mind, there are a variety of  hair restoration options that can even help those who have advance hair loss both surgical and non-surgical.

No matter which option is most appropriate for you, the best time to consider hair restoration is as soon as you beginning to experience hair loss. Don’t hesitate to seek professional help, before it gets worse.

Consider this…

Even people who don’t suffer from hair loss spend hundreds, if not thousands of dollars a year, to achieving fuller, more youthful hair through extensions and weaves… why should hair restoration be any different?

About Hair Transplantation

While plugs or hair transplantation is effective – for the right candidate – there are a few drawbacks you should consider…

  1. It’s an invasive procedure in which the patient is put under local anesthesia
  2. The success of a transplant largely depends on the quality of existing donor area
  3. If hair loss is genetic and a person undergoes a hair transplant at an early age, hair loss still continues after surgery – which renders it nearly useless

Unlike hair transplants, PRP for hair restoration is a regenerative medicine. Meaning it continues to regrow and flourish long after the procedure.

So, if you’ve been searching for a viable option to treat hair loss, and don’t want hair transplant surgery, taking medication or slathering on medicated cream (which, in truth, can be inconsistent), PRP for hair restoration may be the right solution for you.

Introducing PRP for Hair Restoration

No doubt, hair is important to everyone.

And with PRP for hair restoration, there’s no reason to suffer from the devastating effects of hair loss. You’ll never need to conceal it again, because it’ll be as though you never experienced hair loss!

So… are you ready to say “goodbye!” to those unappealing bald spots and say “hello!” to a fuller head of hair?

PRP therapy is here to the rescue.

What Is PRP for Hair Restoration

PRP stands for Platelet Rich Plasma. It’s obtained by drawing a patient’s blood, concentrating the platelet rich plasma, and re-injecting it back into the patient’s scalp – after numbing of course!

You may be wondering, why in the world would someone want their plasma re-injected into their scalp?

Good question. This idea came to life when some clever scientists and doctors realized plasma contains miraculous growth factors. These growth factors are known to speed up healing and regrow tissues in the body.

When using PRP for hair restoration, PRP causes hair follicles to become healthier and larger, resulting in more full-bodied and thicker hair growth.

Unlike a hair transplantation, PRP for hair restoration is a regenerative medicine. It doesn’t just take hair from one area to implant to another, it actually stimulates hair growth!

PRP hair restoration is one of the most natural approaches to restoring a full, healthy head of hair.

This technique has also been used to restore healthy tissue to other areas of the body, including:

  • Treat injured tendons, muscles, and joints
  • Turn back the clock on aging skin by reducing wrinkles, age spots, and improving skin texture with the Vampire Facial
  • Restore a youthful look with the Vampire Facelift
  • Relieve arthritis pain on the hands and knees

So many are benefiting from the restorative nature of PRP therapy. Are you next?

If you’ve tried everything else without any success, such as medication, growth creams, and more, this could be the solution that works for you.

Before you rack your brain trying to come up with a reason not to get PRP for hair restoration, let’s talk about the process.

The PRP for Hair Restoration Process

As with many other aesthetic treatments, a proven process has been developed using PRP for hair growth.

  1. A small vile of blood is drawn from the patient’s arm
  2. The blood is run through a centrifuge. A centrifuge spins the blood tube separating the plasma from the red blood cells
  3. The platelet rich plasma is activated
  4. The patient’s scalp is numbed and prepared for injection
  5. The platelet rich plasma is then drawn up into a syringe and injected into the scalp, approximately at every half inch over the area of thinning hair

Moreover, the entire treatment only takes about an hour.

And even better? There’s virtually no risks of allergic reactions or undesirable side-effects associated with receiving PRP for hair restoration.

And when it comes to downtime after the procedure, it’s minimal.

So, there’s no real reason why you shouldn’t consider PRP therapy for your hair loss, right?

If you’re still unsure, let’s take a look at the benefits again.

  • Extremely effective for hair loss
  • Increases your confidence and self-esteem with revitalized hair growth
  • Absolutely zero surgery
  • No drugs or anesthesia
  • Uses your own blood – a natural solution for hair loss
  • The process is completely safe
  • The procedure takes about an hour
  • Minimal downtime or recovery
  • Virtually no risks
  • Minimal discomfort and pain
  • A truly transformative procedure

Before & After

PRP Hair Therapy for Women

PRP Hair Therapy for Men

PRP Hair Therapy for Women

PRP Hair Therapy for Men

Ready to make the call?

Get in touch with Dr. Earl and his team today to schedule an appointment for your no-obligation consultation!

A full head of hair and a dramatic boost to your confidence is waiting on the other side, so why wait any longer?

It’s finally your turn to stop dreaming of the hair your once had and start loving the hair you will have with PRP for hair restoration.

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